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Filling a Report


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By: Evguen Rosada - evguen

Filling a Report

2003-11-17 10:32


I have a problem with report's filling. When I have a lot of bytes in a report and a lot of users accessing this report, I have a problem with memory space.

How Can I fill a file on disk during the report process?


Thanks in advance.







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Filling a Report

2003-11-17 12:54

I have delegated report printing to a special print manager that has a MAX_THREADS. In this way a servlet submit a job (a print) and no more than MAX_THREADS are executed at the same time saving ram and starvation problems.







By: John Augusto Charnet - jcharnet

RE: Filling a Report

2003-11-18 02:29

But even with this, I think the problem will not be resolved. It will be for serveral requests generating reports, but let's say I'm generating one big report (of 200 MB pdf). Will Jasper use Ram Memory to generate the file, and only when it finishes will it save to disk ?

If this is true, I think we have a problem.









By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Filling a Report

2003-11-18 12:34

..this is true because prior to export, the print class (that contains all the report) is generated.


But you should adopt some different policy for

a similar print... what is the sense to generate a

single 200Mb report? Why you can not split into

differents prints and join pdfs later?



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