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By: Karthik - karthik_ji


2003-11-13 00:10

Hi all,


Can anybody tell me wats a "Group" in iReports. Wat use can I make of it.








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Groups

2003-11-13 04:54


Suppose to have a table like this:


First name, Last name, city


If you want "group" data with some criteria (i.e. by city), you can use a group and obtains a report like this:




Giulio Toffoli

Marco Marchi

Mario Rossi


New York


Carl Lewis

Jhon Smith








By: Karthik - karthik_ji

RE: Groups

2003-11-13 06:59

Hi Giulio,


Thanks for ur response/help. But the example u have mentioned is regarding SQL query which I know already.

My doubt is, there is "Report Groups" in iReports. How do I make use of it. If the mentioned example is related to that, then how do I implement this in iReports.


Thanks and Regards,


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