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By: eric - greatmaster


2003-10-24 00:04



as i said to you before, i try to use PHPJRConnector.


I added the logging package because it doesn't work without it, that's the first difference with the message that indicate the way to use PHPJRConnector.


Then in my php.ini i added all the things to use JAVA.


But when i open the my java.php i have this error :


Fatal error: Unable to create Java Virtual Machine in c:program fileseasyphp1-7wwwappeljava.php on line 20


But what is surprising is that it worked only one time, i succeded to generate one pdf. It doesn't seem to work very good.


in the php.ini added a path to jvm.dll:



java.class.path = "c:testclassescommons-logging.jar;c:Program FilesEasyPHP1-7phpextensionsphp_java.jar;c:testclasses;c:testiReport-0.2.2libitext-0.96.jar;c:testireport-0.2.2libjasperreports-0.5.0.jar;."

java.home = c:j2sdk

java.library = C:j2sdkjrebinserverjvm.dll

java.library.path = "c:Program FilesEasyphp1-7phpextensions"



BUT I HAVE 2 jvm.dll in JDK1.4, one in client folder and one in server folder. i tried the 2 but it doesn't work very good.


My apache is under win98, it's a test server !!!





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