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accessing 2 tables


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By: vivek srinivasan - viveksrinivasan

accessing 2 tables

2003-10-15 08:32


Is there a way where in i can access 2 tables from the same database.ie.Does ireport support nested query where in the subquery selects the data from another table






By: Mark Rhodes - mrhodes2

RE: accessing 2 tables

2003-10-15 08:45

Assuming you are using some form of SQL, best way to accomplish this is create a view, then use the view in iReports. I have reports useing data in multiple tables and even from multilpe servers.





By: vivek srinivasan - viveksrinivasan

RE: accessing 2 tables

2003-10-15 09:45


I did create a view for the table.The actual table(fiscalyr) is in a database called info.I created a view in a database called pos and named the view as fiscaalyrview.

but in the query when i do a

select * from fiscalyrview it says "invalid object name"





By: Mark Rhodes - mrhodes2

RE: accessing 2 tables

2003-10-17 11:41

this is not an iReport problem. try


select * from pos.dbo.fiscalyrview


otherwise you may have rights or jdbc issues

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