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Two pages in a single report.


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By: Marcelo - mike81

Two pages in a single report.

2003-10-09 14:02



How I can include two pages in a single report (in the design).?


I can do this?





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Two pages in a single report.

2003-10-10 04:14

Not possible.

Use a subreport to print the first page.


This is not an ireport limitation, but a design choose of jasperreports that check that the sum of all bands is lower than the page height.

Using subreports you can have no limit to the nymber of page of a detail band.









By: Dave Limer - limerdm

RE: Two pages in a single report.

2003-10-13 11:55


Not sure what you mean about no limit using sub reports. I have to print a report which is about 6 specifically formatted pages. Seems like I can only use 1 subreport for each band (more than that won't print). So I think I'm limited to number of bands = number of subreports I can have. Or I'm not understanding (likley :) ).


any info would be appreciated.

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