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CSV file custom datasource: help!


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By: Matthew Dootson - dootson

CSV file custom datasource: help!

2003-10-13 07:03

Please help me, I'm trying to read data into a report from a .csv file. The file is formatted like this:






And I am using it.businesslogic.ireport.connection.CSVDatasourceTestFactory

(getTheDatasource) as my connection, as described in



I have set it as my active connection, but when I try to fill the fields in my report it says

"Report design not valid:

1. Field not found: ..."


should I be using $F{COLUMN_1} in my fields, or do the names come from the first row in the file?


Or is there something I've missed? My CVSDataSourceTestFactory getTheDataSource() method is pointing to the correct file (I think):

return new RCSVDataSource("e:\iReport-0.2.2\test.csv");


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm new to this (as you can probably tell!)




- Matt

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