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how to sum group field ???


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By: Mohamed Kreifeur - moh2100

how to sum group field ???

2003-09-19 09:15

Hi every one,

I don't have problemme summing up detalis'field for each group. The problem I am facing with summing up with group field.

Let s, this my report with 3 groups levels:


OrBudget AcBudget


grp1 sum($F{OrBdg}) sum ($F{AcBdg})

--grp2 sum($F{OrBdg}) sum($F{AcBdg})

--grp3 $F{OrBdg} sum($F{AcBdg})

--detali $F{AcBdg}



The column 'AcBudget' works fine, all the sum() for each group is correct. But in the column 'OrBudget' the sum($F{OrBdg}) , sum($F{OrBdg}) gave wrong values as the sum '$F{OrBdg}' field for details value.

I used variables to do that as the same the column 'AcBudget'.

the reset tye property : for each group 'grp2' changes and evaluation for each group 'grp3' changes.


I used to use variables in Crystal reports (like dowhileprinting records and do by myself the calculation).

Is there a way to do that ?

Any help is very appreciated..



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 Hi everybody,

I'm having exactly the same issue!

Here is my case


I have 2 groups (plus another one I don't use for the moment): EPC and Order.

In the footer of EPC I would like to get the SUM of the Orders Values. For he moment it's adding, for each Order, n times times the Order Value where n is the number of details row for the current Order. Then it adds the result of each Order.

I use iReport 3.6.2

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