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Control Statements


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By: T.Gopalakrishnan - gopal03

Control Statements

2003-09-04 03:06


This is the scenario .i have the month number and i need to convert the number to the Month name.

For example 1 to January,2 to Febuarary etc.

i used if .. else but it not works

Please give sample snippet for this






By: Sachin Aggarwal - sk_aggarwal

RE: Control Statements

2003-09-04 03:13


I think simplest will be to store the name of all months in correct order in a Vector and then corresponding to the month number you have fetch the String from it and display.

Hope it works







By: T.Gopalakrishnan - gopal03

RE: Control Statements

2003-09-04 04:42

Hai sachin

can u give a sample snippet for iReport





By: Gregory A. Swarthout - gswarthout

RE: Control Statements

2003-09-04 09:35

java.text.DateFormatSymbols.getMonths()[month - 1];






By: T.Gopalakrishnan - gopal03

RE: Control Statements

2003-09-04 23:39

Thanks Gregory A. Swarthout and Sachin Aggarwal

Its working

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