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formatting an integer


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By: vivek srinivasan - viveksrinivasan

formatting an integer

2003-08-26 10:13


My output form a report is 811. I want it in the format of 08/11. How can this be done?







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: formatting an integer

2003-08-29 01:57


The output is every time of 3 or 4 numbers or could have 1 number only too ?


If your output is of 3 or 4 number every time you can use substring.... suppose your field is of type Integer and named mynum....


( ( $F{mynum}.intValue() > 999 ) (""+$F{mynum}).substring(0,2) + "/" + (""+ $F{mynum}).substring(3,4) : ("0"+$F{mynum}).substring(0,2) + "/" + (""+ $F{mynum}).substring(3,4) )


Set the type of the field to String.

If your number is greater that 9999 or lower than 100, you are fucked and an OutOfIndexException or a mistaked string will be throwed or printed.


Good Luck



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