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Subreports that exceed their margins


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By: Carlos Ayala - aiarakoa

Subreports that exceed their margins

2003-08-20 04:15



When I make a report with two or more columns,

and I introduce data, iReport fills the first column

until the end on the page and then starts filling the

other columns; that's all right. The problem comes

when I try to make that report a subreport of a

master report. I wish I could define a region for the

subreport, trying to limit the subreport into it ( e.g.,

the upper third of the page ), but I don't know how:

always the subreport goes out from the region I've

defined for it, and writes its data over other

subreports, textfields ... I want to make the

subreport respect the page design I've done. Is it

possible? I've tried with groups but I haven't

understood them fully yet. Is there anybody who

could be able to help me?







By: Sohan Kasula - skasula

RE: Subreports that exceed their margins

2003-08-20 11:03

page and coulmn header's use only the height used during the design time and do not overflow. In other words they are fixed. Try placing the subrepor in the page header and column header of the master report.

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