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Subreport Not Showing


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By: John Augusto Charnet - jcharnet

Subreport Not Showing

2003-08-05 05:08


I have a report that has a subreport in it's detail band.

When I execute my report, all the fields in the report apear nicely, but my subreport doesn't.

I've even put a static text in the Title band, and still it doesn't show. I have a scriptlet at both report and subreport. On the methos afterReportInit i've a System.out.println just to see if it was getting called.

It prints only once, my guess is that it is printing when the report is called, and not the subreport.

Any ideas ?

Thanks a lot.








By: Paul Spencer - paulsp

RE: Subreport Not Showing

2003-08-05 05:49

1) Do fields in the detail band of the main report appear?

If not then, make sure the query returns at 1 row


2) Does the sub report produce output when it is run directly?

It not, then fix the sub report.


3) Is the sub report in the classpath, IREPORT_HOME, or is the path included in the <subReport> of the main report?

If not, then change the classpath,IREPORT_HOME. or <subReport> element to include the subreport



Paul Spencer

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