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Calc. type, Reset type, Reset group are lost


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By: G᢯r M󣺡r - moczar

Calc. type, Reset type, Reset group are lost

2003-07-24 08:41



I have noticed that:

When I save and close an XML file, than I reopen it, it always lost the Calculation type, Reset type and Reset group information in variable fields.

It happens in iReports 0.1.0 and in iReport 0.2.1 too.



1. open the XML file

2. set Calc. type, etc. for a variable field

3. save the report

4. run the report, everything is OK

5. save the report file again

6. close the report file

7. reopen the file and the settings are missing (it also happens when I close iReports after closing the file too)


Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?










By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Calc. type, Reset type, Reset group are lost

2003-07-25 01:56

The code that fix this problem is in the CVS.


I will not release a new version prior that 20 days.



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