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How could i get the *.jrprint file?


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By: Tony - tonypopsoft

How could i get the *.jrprint file?

2003-07-11 00:46

I modified the demodatasource in jasperreports046 and hope to know how to use generate report with JAVABean.


However,I get the same pdf file even if I modified the *.java file.


Next,I findout that all the pdf file is gernerat from DataSourceReport.jrprint file which was a static one.


So i was wondering how could i generat a new pdf file?


Should I get the *.jrprint file at first and how to get it?





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: How could i get the *.jrprint file?

2003-07-11 01:02

The jrprint file is an intermediate file format that is generated from a JasperPrint objects.

In a production environment, this format is never generated: the classic flow is that you compile the XML (if needed), fill your report generating a JasperPrint, then you can choose to generate a jrprint or export the print direclty in pdf, xml, .... using the export mechanism.


The only thing that you have to do is delete the jrprint file. In this way it will be recreated and you report will be exported starting from a new jrprint.








By: Tony - tonypopsoft

RE: How could i get the *.jrprint file?

2003-07-15 19:15

I see,thank u.

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