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displaying japanese char in report


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By: beng leong - blng

displaying japanese char in report

2003-07-10 20:34

hi everyone


this has been bugging me for really long... :(


i'm using iReport-0.1.0


i have a table in a database with japanese characters in one of the columns. the rest of the columns are in english.


from iReport, i connect to the database using sun's jdbc/odbc driver.


i tried to install a font that'll suport japanese char (eg MS GOTHIC) and place it in the bin dir and use it as external font with no pdf encoding. but it returned an error message stating that the font could not be used with the pdf encoding of Cp1252.


is it true that japanese characters support in iReport will only work if the input is in unicode?


but my data from the table is not in unicode...







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: displaying japanese char in report

2003-07-11 01:28


I have never test to retrive japanese strings from a database, but I don't think that the input must be unicode.


To print japanese chars, try to set in the textfield as font:HeiseiKaKuGo-W5

and as pdf encoding: UniJIS-UCS2-H



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