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Problem with iReport 0.2.1


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By: Teeraphong - c12phong

Problem with iReport 0.2.1

2003-07-02 22:05

Hi Giulio

I try to use iReport 0.2.1 but i couldn't register Fields from SQL to report and it didn't save password of database connection to config file.










By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Problem with iReport 0.2.1

2003-07-03 01:05

Have you activated your connection?



1. create a JDBC connection and test it.

2. Save the connect.


[3. Close and reopen iReport to verify that the

password is saved or not; note that for default

iReport don't save passwords, you have to check

the checkbox "save password"]


4. Goto menu->build->Set active connection

5. Select you connection and press ok.


Now you can try to retrive fields from db.

You can try the Wizard too.








By: Patrice Drolet - infodata

RE: Problem with iReport 0.2.1

2003-07-10 22:36



Even with the check, iReport never keeps a password. Worse, if I write it manually in the config file, it gets erased when I click the menu Set active Connection. To get something going, I set the file to readonly.


On Windows XP and same thing on Mac OSX.







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Problem with iReport 0.2.1

2003-07-11 01:22


Yes, this is a bug:


Keep password checked = Dont keep the password.

Keep the password not checked = keep the password...


This bud is now fixed in the CVS repository.



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