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"blank" fields


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By: Matt Mastrangelo - mmastrangelo

"blank" fields

2003-07-02 07:35

I just downloaded the new version of iReport, with the new UI. Several of the reports I created using the older (J++) version do not display properly in the new version. Particularly, many of the static text/field boxes appear empty on the screen. Have you seen this before?




Matt Mastrangelo





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: "blank" fields

2003-07-02 08:09

Yes, I have. This happed when the string is too big to stay on a single line or when the fields is too small.

This effect derive from the new implementation of the text renderer, derived directly from the jasperreports rendere.


What happens if you try to generate the pdf of your report? Works? Fields that seems don't have a text are displayed?









By: Matt Mastrangelo - mmastrangelo

RE: "blank" fields

2003-07-03 06:51

I does appear to be a rendering issue, as the values appear when you look at the element detail. Unfortunately, over half of the fields on most of my reports contain expression strings that are too long. This makes working with the tool difficult.





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