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By: nay - nay


2003-04-22 08:30

Hi all !


When Ireport generate the xml code, it put CDATA attribute, but this, generate an error with the printWhenExpression Tag, for example :




Is there an Ireport option, not to generate CDATA ?

Why it generate this..?


Thank you for advance !





By: Mark Rhodes - mrhodes2


2003-04-22 09:29

what version are you using. There were a number of problems around verions between .0.0.7 and .0.0.8 with printwhenexpressions not formatting properly. Version 0.0.9 works.


Also, formula needs to be


new Boolean($P{MyParameter}.equals("S"))








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78


2003-04-22 14:31

hi nay,


<![CDATA[ ... ]]>


is XMl syntax and is not considered by XML parsers. This syntax permit the use of xml special characters like "<" or ">".


CDATA is not the root of your problem.


You must return a Boolean object, for this reason your expression is wrong. The right one is this:


new Boolean( $P{MyParameter}.equals("S") )


Have a nice day.








By: nay - nay


2003-04-23 01:10

ok Mark & Giulio, it s working now...cool ! ;)


TY again








By: nay - nay


2003-04-23 07:59

ok Mark & Giulio, it s working now...cool ! ;)


TY again








By: Neil H - neilhay

<printWhenExpression> and [CDATA issue

2003-06-12 05:31

Whenever i put something like this:



new Boolean(....)</printWhenExpression>]]>


Reports compiles correctly and works. But i reopen the report xml file in iReports all of <![CDATA[ ]]> is gone and only thing that is left is new Boolean(...).


why is that? any work around to that?





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78


2003-06-12 06:21

I don't understand why you need a similar expression...(with ]]> after the </printWhenExpression> closed tag... howerver try to disable UTF-8 "special" support from tools->options-> Enable support for UTF-8 loading.


Good Luck







By: Neil H - neilhay


2003-06-12 07:00

Opss i meant before </printWhenExpression>:




new Boolean(....)







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78


2003-06-12 07:05



<![CDATA[ and ]]> are XML reserved keywords and are stripped out from iReport when it resents expressions to you. There is no way to load it as part of the expression.




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