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A report with 1,000,000 records


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By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

A report with 1,000,000 records

2003-05-31 10:31


I have succesfully compiled and filled a simple report (only one textfield in detail band) with 1,000,000 of records (22,728 pages, 15.5 MB)

Max ram used in fill process: around 250Mb of heap.

Time: 20 minutes on my Intel PIII 1000 Mhz

Database: MySQL 3.23.27


I have passed to the command java.exe the parameter


to increment the maximum heap size.


The pdf is available for download on http://ireport.sourceforge.net/OneMillion.zip (5.8 MB)






By: Evguen Rosada - evguen

RE: A report with 1,000,000 records

2003-06-02 09:52

Hello Giulio,


This parameter "-Xmx300000000" is mandatory. If I am using the TomCat server to execute my Java classes. Do I have to pass this parameter?

Or, If Am I using other Java Server? How Can I proceed?


I am waiting for your help...







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: A report with 1,000,000 records

2003-06-02 13:14


The limit of report dimension is bounded by the memory heap size imposed to a process by the JVM. Normally this limit is more than sufficent to create a big report. But when you go over 15,000/20,000 records, if the report is complex, the maximum heap could be to small (and you recive an OutOfMemoryException). Passing the -Xmx<max heap size> you can enlarge this limit.

But you don't have to pass generally this parameter.


However you can modify your setclasspath.bat in bin directory of Tomcat, in particular the line like this...


set _RUNJAVA="%JAVA_HOME%binjava"


...that will be....


set _RUNJAVA="%JAVA_HOME%binjava -Xmx300000000"



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