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By: Simon Chevrier - simonchevrier


2003-05-29 07:11



What is the best way to print each report line with different font?


Example: One line with the background-color blue and the next one with the background-color red and vice versaÂ…


In the same way, if in the resultset the field myStatus can return true of false. When the result is true I want to show if with the font-color green and when is false I want to show the font-color in red. What is the best way to change the font of the result?


Presently I try to use the printWhenExpression, but I cant found what is the right syntax, if you can help my. ( http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=823638&forum_id=217623 )










By: Simon Chevrier - simonchevrier

RE: Font

2003-05-29 07:50

I try :


new Boolean($P{CREDIT}.equals("Actif"))


in the printWhenExpression field.


Bt when I compile I alway got the following error:

inconvertible types found : java.lang.String


required: java.lang.Boolean

value = (java.lang.Boolean)(((java.lang.String)parameter_CREDIT.getValue()));








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Font

2003-05-29 14:29

Without a good documentation, little problems come big problems...



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