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Page Footer, only on first page

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By: arvind - ar_win

Page Footer, only on first page

2005-08-15 10:43

Hello All,


I am preparing an invoice and want to put in a Page Stub nly on the first page and not on the rest of the pages. What i have done till now is..i have prepared the page stub and it is ocming on first page also and not coming on the other pages ...but to my amzament it is dispalying the unused space at the bottom of all the pages..which it should not as for just printing the footer band i have used the expression as "new java.lang.Boolean ($V{PAGE_NUMBER}.shortValue()==1)"....


So is there solution to this problem...if yes please let me know as where i am going wrong.


I have read the iReport manual and not able to figure out as if the footer bands (column/page) are not resizable so will the invoice always use up the space that i have defined for the page in all pages ...(but there shud be a solution to this problem??)...


Please let me know if you have any know how on what i am trying to day if you need more details..please let me know.



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