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Blank pdf generated

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By: Jerry Shao - shaogang

Blank pdf generated

2004-03-12 10:41

Hi all


Using iReport to edit a XML report. Compile and preview it. It looks fine. But when using JasperReport to compile and output report. It generate a blank pdf. Anyone know why does it happen?







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Blank pdf generated

2004-03-12 14:56


TextField could be too small. Try to grow it or to set stretchWithOverflow to true (this is a property of TextFields elements).


The fact that you can see a generated pdf is already a good signal...





By: bob2000 - bob2000

RE: Blank pdf generated

2004-03-12 15:08

One problem I've had with iReport, is I seem to have to restart it quite frequently after changing the report layout. It seems that when iReport opens, i can run the report and see the PDF output correctly. But after changing even the smallest thing (i.e. moving a line) the PDF generated is blank. Restarting iReport seems to then show the correct output. Its pretty annoying and I haven't found out what the exact cause is.

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