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Alphabetizing Field Orders

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By: Edward V. Berard - edberard

Alphabetizing Field Orders

2005-05-24 11:00

I am using iReport's report wizard to create simple, one-column reports. After a few kinks, things seem to be working quite well. The reports are mostly

of the form:


(field/column) name (field/column) value


with one line per field/column.


Now, my boss wants me to alphabetize the lines

on the report by (field/column) name. I know how

to do the alphabetizing by hand, but I would like

to do it automatically, e.g.selecting all the name-

value pairs, and then using a "sort tool."


Does anybody have any ideas?


-- Ed



By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Alphabetizing Field Orders

2005-05-24 15:45

JRDataSources are not sortable, you have to sort data yourself.





By: kootjekip - kootjekip

RE: Alphabetizing Field Orders

2005-05-30 05:31

Use the order by statement in your SQL query,


Greetz Wilko

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