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iReport By Itself (Without Java)

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By: Edward V. Berard - edberard

iReport By Itself (Without Java)

2005-05-23 10:30

Does anybody have any advice about using iReport (0.4.0 or 0.4.1) asa the "sole" report-generating programming language, e.g., without Java?


Thanks in advance,


-- Ed



By: C-Box - c-box

RE: iReport By Itself (Without Java)

2005-05-23 12:34

What's that for a question?


What is your purpose? Why don't you want to use Java????





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: iReport By Itself (Without Java)

2005-05-23 15:36


With JasperReports 0.6.6 or greater there is scripting support. You can write a JRCompiler for your scripting language.







By: Edward V. Berard - edberard

RE: iReport By Itself (Without Java)

2005-05-23 13:19

This is one of those situations where the customer wants me to do some research. Specifically:


1. They are already using Java and iReport


2. They are trying to measure the impact of

another third-party product that stands

between iReport and the database.


3. The test case is simple: remove the third-

party product, access the database and

generate the reports entire in iReport,

measure the time difference.


I hope this helps.


- Ed



By: kootjekip - kootjekip

RE: iReport By Itself (Without Java)

2005-05-25 04:55

I think Edward doesn't understand how iReport works, let's work this out:


1) iReport is the design tool, no more, no less

2) iReport creates jrxml (jasper xml files)

3) jasperReports converts jrxml files to jasperclass files (which is java)

4) jasperclass files are using iText to create a PDF or a other library to create another type of file.


So there is always a application between iReport and the db, namely JasperReports, so what is the question?



By: Edward V. Berard - edberard

RE: iReport By Itself (Without Java)

2005-05-25 07:01



You are correct in assuming that I do not know how iReport works. The fact that my customer has

a very hard time expressing their requirements

does not help matters.


1. I now understand that iReport is a WYSIWYG

design tool that creates Jasper Reports XML



2. I am still confused about the relationship

between iReport and Jasper Reports.


For example, I did not consciously install

Jasper Reports on my computer. However,

I think that by installing iReport on my

computer, I also installed some Jasper

Reports "libraries." This Jasper Reports

software is used by iReport (I think) in

performing some of its functions.


3. I think that I now better understand the

relationship between iReport and Jasper



4. I will also begin to familiarize myself with

something called iText.


Let me attempt to restate (what I think is) my

question. (This restatement is helped by my

customer's better understanding of their problem.)


At present, the customer is using iReport 0.4.0,

Hibernate, and some "home-brewed" Java code

to handle report generation in their distributed

application. Keep in mind that this is a very

large application that must handle literally

millions of items every 24 hours.


The customer (i.e., the developer of the

application) is not happy with the performance

of the application. So, they want me to investigate

a few of the efficiency issues.


My first instructions from the customer were not

all that clear. For example, I was told to extract

data from a relational database, and generate

reports, "using only iReport." This was taken to

mean that I could use iReport, but I could not

write any Java code, for example.


So, I am using iReport (0.4.1) to fashion the many necessary reports. In the process, I am learning

a great deal about iReport.


I very much appreciate the help that has been provided by you and other members of this group.


-- Ed



By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: iReport By Itself (Without Java)

2005-05-25 16:23

You can use iReport as client application to connect directly to your db, but this will not improve performance of your reports because ireport do the same of an application that run reports created using ireport. The bottleneck is JasperReports, not really third-party products between iReport and db, because we assume that Jasperreports, during the filling process, will access directly the db (or, at least the db layer, in your case hibernate).





By: kootjekip - kootjekip

RE: iReport By Itself (Without Java)

2005-05-30 05:29

Reading what ed has posted, the reports are used in an automated process which means you can define your template with i-Report and run jasperreports as an JSP application on a server, serving the jasper files generated with i-Report.


But why can't you create your own Java additions to jasperreports? i-Report and jasper are using Java so why can't you? What is the statement of your client?

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