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Loading Object Data through IReport

2004 IR Help

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By: Nishant Miglani - nishantm

Loading Object Data through IReport

2004-03-02 12:18



I needed to populate report fields in IReport using the values of instance variables in objects (similar to JavaBeans usage through JSP), as opposed to using the fields from database tables.


This would basically add "<field..>" tags to the resultant report XML file.


I'm not sure how to do this using the IReport UI.


Any help would be appreciated.








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Loading Object Data through IReport

2004-03-02 15:13


Hi Nishant,


you can retrive field from your bean using the the tool that appears in the query frame.


To test your reports you have to write some lines of code: you have to provide to ireport a custom datasource factory, alias a class that return, in example, an JRDataSource instanced i.e. by a JRBeanArrayDataSource.

Select this new datasource as default datasource.








By: jagung - jagung

RE: Loading Object Data through IReport

2004-03-07 17:57

I try the example and set the custom datasource factory in setting up the Datasouce > Connection/Database.


Type of connection / datasource ->Custom JRDataSource

Name -> Test

Factory class -> it.businesslogic.ireport.connection.Sample.SampleJRDataSourceFactory

The static method to call to retrieve the JRDataSource -> getSampleCustomJRDataSource


and set the active connection to Test


In Datasource ->Report query -> Custom Datasource

there is no fields for me to register to the report.


I will appreciate if there is any step by step tutorial to learn how to create an generate a custom datasource.


I have difficulty following the previos tutorial on this as i can't find complete souce code and file on it.

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