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Font Color?

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By: Edward V. Berard - edberard

Font Color?

2005-05-24 05:56

Can one change/select font colors in iReport?


For example, white text on a black background

would be nice.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


-- Ed



By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Font Color?

2005-05-24 06:06

Did you ever get IReport running and did you ever played around with it a bit!??!?!?!?!


Of course you can change the fontColor... and white text on black background is again of course possible...


Why don't you try before you post!??!?!?





By: Edward V. Berard - edberard

RE: Font Color?

2005-05-24 06:21

Dearest C-Box,


Not only did I get iReport (0.4.1) up and running, I

also read the "funny" US$35.00 manual, and

talked to some of the current users in our shop.


(I also electronically searched the PDF manual for

strings such as "font color" and "color", and did

not find what I was looking for.)


I guess this is one of those discussion groups

where intimidation of new users is a badge of

honor. :-(


Regardless, I will continue my investigation.


-- Ed



By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Font Color?

2005-05-24 06:37

I didn't wanted to hurt you... but I can't stand such simple question "wasting" the forum and if a user has a real problem concerning for example colors he probably will search for it ... and your thread is under the results... so that is annoying for somebody who has really a problem and is looking for a solution...

So if it's not in the manual than I believe it's kind of self-explanatory and Giulio didn't waste time to explain it within his manual....that's why I asked if you get IReport to run.... if you open the properties for an element the font-color chooser for fore- and also background color are jumping right to your face... so there you can set the background-color to black and the foregroundcolor to white and voil  that's it (as far as I understand your first posting right).... but I repeat again... that is IMHO not a question worth asking ... but more a normal "trial & error" ... so don't be offended...







By: Edward V. Berard - edberard

RE: Font Color?

2005-05-24 06:52



Thanks for the advice.


One thing to consider is how people go about their

"trial and error." For example, in Microsoft Word,

one can go to the Format menu, select Font, and

then choose "Font Color." The documentation

for many different software products contains

direct references to "font color."


I appreciate all the hard work that went into iReport.

I also understand the thinking of "sophisticated"

iReport users. Maybe there could be another

forum for "new users."


Thank you for your time and consideration.


-- Ed



By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Font Color?

2005-05-24 15:48

Hi Ed,


font color = foreground color in iReport.





By: Edward V. Berard - edberard

RE: Font Color?

2005-05-25 06:24



Thank you! :-)


-- Ed

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