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Deleting a report band in iReport

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By: Ionut Nedelcu - ionutned

Deleting a report band in iReport

2005-03-28 04:46

I tried to delete a band using iReport, but it is impossible. I also tried to delete it manually from the xml file, but when I load the design in iReports, it just adds it back.


Is it a bug or a feature?:)



By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Deleting a report band in iReport

2005-03-29 00:27

Why you want to delete a band? If it shouldn't appear, than set it's height to cero or set it's PrintWhenExpression to something like "new Boolean(false)".






By: Ionut Nedelcu - ionutned

RE: Deleting a report band in iReport

2005-03-29 03:29

Yes, that worked fine, thank you.


But maybe it would be easier if iReport would allow the user to completely remove a section which is not needed.





By: Thomas Mathew - thomasmk

RE: Deleting a report band in iReport

2005-05-17 08:42

Hi, you question is inductively sensible. But remember that , iReport is not doing anything by itself. It is just providing a WYSWIG(What You See is What You Get) editing support to the underlying jasper report. So what all features are available in jasper report, it can provide, not it cannot provide additional functionality that is not there in Jasper Report APIs. Hope you got the point.

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