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iReport in 1 jar?

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By: Kees Kuip - keeskuip

iReport in 1 jar?

2005-02-06 13:08

Hey Giulio,


How to you feel about distributing iReport in 1 executable jar?

It has a number of advantages:

- It acts as if it is an executable. Just doubleclick it and

iReport starts.

- It is much easier to install. (no more classpath problems)

- It is much easier to distribute.


I found a project which does this.

It is at : http://one-jar.sourceforge.net/


I could write an ant-task which creates this jar.

Would you be interested in adding it to the project?


Kees Kuip.




By: C-Box - c-box

RE: iReport in 1 jar?

2005-02-07 00:58

I'd also like it, but it must be for sure that you can add some additional jar's into the ClassPath for IReport.


We are using some own classes within our reports (for datasources and so on)... that classes are needed when compiling a report. Now we added our class-path to the startup.bat and there are no problems.


Can the "One-Jar" project handle external classes to be available within the "One-Jar-MainClass" ? Or must they get included within that big "One-Jar" ??? Also the plugin-Architecture must work like it does now. Guilio loads now the plugins from classpath where a plugin.xml exists.





By: Kees Kuip - keeskuip

RE: iReport in 1 jar?

2005-02-27 06:06

I found out that this can be easily done with the standard

functionality of ant.


The following ant-task will do the trick. (including templates

and plugins) (using ant 1.6.2):


<target name="neojar" depends="jar">

<jar destfile="neojar.jar">


<attribute name="Built-By" value="iReport"/>

<attribute name="Main-Class"



<zipgroupfileset dir="${lib}" includes="**/*.jar"/>

<fileset dir="${lib}" excludes="**/*.jar"/>

<zipgroupfileset dir="${target}" includes="**/*.jar"/>

<fileset dir="${target}" excludes="**/*.jar"/>

<fileset dir="${basedir}" includes="templates/** plugins/**"/>








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: iReport in 1 jar?

2005-03-03 06:29


I created a way to load templates directly from jar.

The logic is the same applied to plugin: you can now define a set of templates including a file




In this way I solved all filesystem dependency of iReport (except for the configuration file).



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