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XLS export converting formmated caracter to a Date


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I have a problem with a String Field and the CSV export feature. I have an unformatted java.lang.String Field in which it´s data is a concatenated code. It´s values can be:






and so on.


When I use the jasper Excel Exporter, in some machines, the exported file assumes the value 4/FEB on the exported CSV file, thus a day-month date format. On other machines I have no problems, POI does not assume the value as a date value. How could I force the string type on generated Excel file?


Thank you in advance.

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If I understood correctly, you're exporting a JR report to XLS and then using an Excel application to export the XLS to CSV. Am I rifht? You message is a little confusing (are you exporting the JR report directy to CSV, or to XLS?).


If I'm correct, I think the behaviour is due to the configuration of the Excel client. If you have the same libraries on all the machines, I don't see how the exported XLS files would be different. Also, what happens if you type 4-2 on an empty cell in the exported file and then export to CSV?




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Thank you for the quick reply!


I saw that my post wasn´t clear enough. Let me explain it better.


I´m deploying it on a web app using net.sf.jasperreports.engine.export.JRCsvExporter. Jasper Version is 1.2.0


I´ve opened the generated CSV with a text editor and , when I run from JBoss, I´ve obtained a file with the value 4/feb hardcoded on it.


When I run it from IReport 1.2.0, and run both excel view and csv view, IReport config generates for me the same field with the raw(and correct) text value 4-2 and not a hardcoded 4/feb.


Again, thank you for your attention.

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I'm not familiar with all the details regarding POI and JExcel, but I guess you can find a comparison somewhere on the web. There are differences, for instance POI generates Excel 97 spreadsheets while JExcel produces Excel 2000 spreadsheets.


Anyway, this is completely irrelevant here, as (if I understood correctly, which I begin to doubt again) you are using JRCsvExporter, which is a simple text exporter and has nothing to do with POI or JExcel.

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