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Could not load font from location :

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By: rencar - renae_carr

Could not load font from location :

2004-03-03 18:11

javax.servlet.ServletException: Could not load font from location : Times-Roman



I have found this error occurs when a report compiled in iReport-0.2.2 is run using jasperreports-0.5.0 under java 1.3. It seems that the pdfEncoding used by default is specified as CP1252, which is recognised under java 1.4 but not 1.3 (1.3 understands pdfEncoding=Cp1252). To fix this error the first occurance of the font style in the report needs to be changed to another encoding style, e.g.CP1252 - Western European ANSI.


I hope this helps anyone else who comes across this issue.





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Could not load font from location :

2004-03-04 00:43


thanks for this note, I had the same problem some time ago and adopted the same solution, but I have never documented it :-)



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