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Web Service Data Source 1.5

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The Web Service Data Source is an extension to Jaspersoft (Studio, Server, Library) that provides ways to create pixel perfect reports and ad hoc topics from REST web services that return either JSON or XML responses, allowing a full breath of the product facilities; allowing design in JSS, publishing to the server with query driven input-controls.

  • Supports no authentication, basic authentication and Google authentication. This is extensible. Supports headers, custom headers and parametrized headers.
  • Supports GET, POST and a special conversational style connection for Elastic Search
  • Supports JSON or XML responses and allows traversing complex documents using dot syntax.
  • Full support for sub-reports, sub-datasets, parametrization and much more.
  • Create Query driven Input Controls in JasperReports Server, using your webservice as datasource.

IMPORTANT: this software comes "as is" and is not officially supported by Jaspersoft.

NOTE: The report shown in the demo below can be recreated using built-in support for JSON data adapters that exists in the JasperReports Library and Jaspersoft Studio, without the need for the optional Web Service Data Source extension. This is explained in this article.

Building your First Report with the Web Service Datasource


Reporting from REST Web Services (XML and JSON)
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