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Community Editions

Many organizations need reporting, but not all organizations need the same capabilities, feature sets, or level of performance. That's why Jaspersoft offers three Community Editions of our software to help tailor the right solution to your needs.

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  1. JasperReports Server Community Edition

    A reporting server that can be embedded into an application or operate as a central information hub. It is optimized to share, secure, and manage your Jaspersoft reports and analytic views while delivering information on a real-time or scheduled basis in a variety of file formats.

  2. JasperReports® Library Community Edition

    The world's most popular open source reporting engine written entirely in Java. It can use data from any source and produce pixel-perfect documents that can be viewed, printed, or exported in a variety of formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, OpenOffice, and Word.

  3. Jaspersoft® Studio Community Edition

    A powerful eclipse-based report designer, it can build reports from any data source and format the look and feel for print or on-screen reading giving developers the flexibility they need. It can deploy to any JasperReports implementation, in addition to exporting to a wide range of formats.

  • Interested in Professional Licensing?

    Take a free 30-day trial of Jaspersoft Enterprise Edition to get embeddable pixel-perfect reports PLUS:

    • Embeddable web reporting
    • Dashboards
    • Self-service BI tools
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Improved scalability, security, and integration capabilities
    • Commercial licensing protection
    • Professional quality technical support
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