Working with the Domain Designer

A Domain is a metadata layer that models and presents data accessed through a data source. You can use Domains to structure the data and present it in business terms appropriate to your audience. You can also limit access to data based on the security permissions of the person running the report and provide translations for static report text. Domains in JasperReports Server are used to create Ad Hoc views and reports.

This chapter covers the process of creating a Domain and defining its contents. For instructions about creating views based on Domains in the Ad Hoc Editor, see Creating a View from a Domain. Domains defined in the server can be accessed through Jaspersoft Studio as well.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Understanding Domains
Opening the Domain Designer
Overview of the Domain Designer
The Data Management Tab
The Joins Tab
Understanding Joins and Join Trees
The Pre-filters Tab
The Data Presentation Tab
The Options Tab
Derived Tables and Calculated Fields
Using Attributes in the Domain Designer
Editing Domains
Importing and Exporting Domain Design Files
Domains and Data Virtualization