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For information about this product, you can read the documentation, contact TIBCO Support, join TIBCO Community, and join Japersoft Community.

How to Access TIBCO Documentation

Documentation for TIBCO products is available on the TIBCO Product Documentation website, in the PDF formats. The TIBCO Product Documentation website is updated frequently. To access the latest documentation, visit https://docs.tibco.com.

Product-Specific Documentation

The JasperReports® Server documentation is available at:


The following documents for this product can be found on the TIBCO Documentation site:

TIBCO JasperReports Server Release Notes
TIBCO JasperReports Server Installation Guide
TIBCO JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide
TIBCO JasperReports Server REST API Reference
TIBCO JasperReports Server User Guide
TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio User Guide
TIBCO Jaspersoft OLAP User Guide
TIBCO JasperReports Server Administrator Guide
TIBCO Jaspersoft Platform Support Guide
TIBCO JasperReports Server Visualize.js Guide
TIBCO JasperReports Server Security Guide
TIBCO JasperReports Server Ultimate Guide
TIBCO JasperReports Server Source Build Guide
TIBCO JasperReports Server Data Management Using Domains

How to Contact TIBCO Support

You can contact TIBCO Support in the following ways:

For an overview of TIBCO Support, visit https://www.tibco.com/services/support.
For accessing the Support Knowledge Base, viewing the latest product updates that were not available at the time of the release, and getting personalized content about products you are interested in, visit the TIBCO Support portal at https://support.tibco.com.
For creating a Support case, you must have a valid maintenance or support contract with TIBCO. You also need a user name and password to log in to https://support.tibco.com. If you do not have a user name, you can request one by clicking Register on the website.

How to Join TIBCO Community

TIBCO Community is the official channel for TIBCO customers, partners, and employee subject matter experts to share and access their collective experience.

TIBCO Community offers access to Q&A forums, product wikis, and bestpractices. It also offers access to extensions, adapters, solution accelerators, and tools that extend and enable customers to gain full value from TIBCO products. In addition, users can submit and vote on feature requests from within the TIBCO Ideas Portal. For a free registration, go to https://community.tibco.com.

Jaspersoft Community is the official channel for Japersoft products. To join Jaspersoft Community, go to https://community.jaspersoft.com.