Changes in 6.1

Changes in 6.1 That May Affect Your Upgrade

Changes to Themes

The look and feel of the JasperReports Server web interface has been redesigned to modernize the application's appearance. To accomplish this, markup and styles have been modified. As a result of these modifications, custom themes developed for the previous interface will need to be updated for the new interface.

The following table lists the changes made to the user interface and describes some of the steps necessary to update custom themes in overrides_custom.css. The main changes are in the banner, body, footer, and login page. The changes to the login page are extensive. Instead of attempting to update an existing login page, you should re-implement the login page in the new default theme.

For information on developing new themes, see the JasperReports Server Community Project Administrator Guide and the JasperReports Server Ultimate Guide.

Updating Themes in JasperReports Server 6.1

Element Classname and Modifications File Notes



Give custom value to height


Default value:
height: 32px



Set custom top and bottom values that position the body of the application between the banner and footer without overlap


Default value:
top: 32px
bottom: 17px

This value needs to be equal to or greater than the height of .banner

The bottom position needs to be adjusted only if the height of the footer is changed



Give custom values to height and width that match the dimensions of your logo

Adjust margins around the logo if needed


Default values:

height: 22px
width: 176px

margin-top: 6px
margin-right: 4px
margin-bottom: 0
margin-left: 8px

Main Navigation

.menu.primaryNav .wrap

Set height and line-height to 1px shorter than .banner


height: 31px
line-height: 31px

Main Navigation Home icon

.menu.primaryNav #main_home .wrap > .icon

Set height to be the same as .banner

Set values for width and background-position to fit your image.


height: 32px

width: 14px
background-position: 0 -164px
background-position: 0 -163px (IE8-9)

Main Navigation
Item arrow icon

.menu.primaryNav .node > .wrap > .icon

Set height to your desired value, with the maximum value being the same height measurement as the .banner element.

Set background-position and width to a value that properly displays the default or your custom image.


height: 32px

background-position: left -79px
width: 11px

Main Navigation
Item arrow icon

.menu.primaryNav .wrap.over
.menu.primaryNav .wrap.pressed

Set background-position to a value that properly displays the default or your custom image.


background-position is not explicitly defined, the value is cascaded from .menu.primaryNav .node > .wrap > .icon

This only needs to be adjusted if you want a different color disclosure indicator for the pressed and over states of the main menu links

Search container


Set margin-top to desired value that will vertically center it within the banner.


margin-top: 5px


#metalinks li

Set line-height to the desired value that will vertically center it within the banner.


line-height: 20px



Set height if you want it to be anything other than the default value.


height: 17px

Login page

Re-implement in new theme.