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    We fixed the following issues in this release:

    JSS-2906: Authentication error 401 in Jaspersoft Studio occurred while connecting to JasperReports Server.
    JSS-2899: Added option to rename main_jrxml file under report unit when deploying it to JasperReports Server.
    JSS-2887: No adapters displayed in Preview drop down list in Jaspersoft Studio.
    JSS-2881: Added two default Eclipse update sites for the final RCP product.
    JSS-2880: Exit option was missing from the File menu in Jaspersoft Studio 7.5.0.
    JSS-2751: Ability to use parameter name as prefix in an exported file name.
    JS-59736: Domain involving two schemas with the same table name resulted in import errors and duplicated fields.
    JS-59709: Report execution failed with cascade input control error in JasperReports Server 7.8.0.
    JS-59480: A caching issue was preventing the visualizations in Visualize.js from displaying correctly.
    JS-59321: Using Firefox (v79) caused display issues for JasperReports Server 7.5.0 Reports Viewer web UI when using a single select input control.
    JS-59139: Using Firefox (v79) caused the input control list to open and close without allowing the user to select a value.
    JS-58403: Error resulted when adding a calculated field in Domain Designer.
    JS-58331: Profile attribute did not work for a topic ad hoc view report.
    JS-57736: Property Ad Hoc Filter List of Values Row Limit was not fully documented.
    JS-56082: Error while adding calcField with elapsedMinutes function to rows or columns in AdHoc crosstab.
    JS-56039: Could not open or edit a domain if a calculated fields referenced a missing field.
    JS-55934: Prefetch filter values set to false were not working for "is between" date filters.
    JS-44512: Since temp resources used milliseconds timestamp in names, this caused duplicate items and resulted in errors.
    JS-34836: Domain calculated field validation threw "unknown error occurred" message.
    JS-34822: When running a report using HTTP API for export to PDF, defined with a single-value Input Control and supplied with several values according to the parameter used in the report query, the Input Control assigned the first value to the parameter, regardless of user input.
    JS-34553: Visualize.js embedding accessed login.html before performing authentication.
    JS-34295: Duplicate Organization alias was allowed when editing Organizations.
    JS-34249: Tooltips (descriptions) were not working in Ad Hoc designer.

    For information about cases fixed in previous releases, see that version's release notes. For information about the your specific cases, please visit TIBCO Jaspersoft Technical Support (http://support.tibco.com).

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