The Getting Started Page

From the Getting Started page, you can quickly access the most frequently used features of the server.

Getting Started Page

Core Workflows

The Getting Started page for standard users has multiple blocks that link to the core workflows of JasperReports Server, that may include some or all of the following options:

Data Sources – Select or define a connection to a database or other data source.
Domains– Add structure to your data source for use in an Ad Hoc view.
Ad Hoc Views – Select or create the visualization for your data.
Reports – Create an interactive report from an Ad Hoc view, or select an existing report.
Dashboards – Combine related reports into one layout, or select from existing layouts.
Admin – Configure your server and manage user settings. This block is only visible to users with administrator privileges.

Each workflow block on the Getting Started page may contain links to video tutorials, pages or wizards to create related elements, and filtered repository lists containing relevant items. Click these links, rather than the blocks themselves, to access these resources. Users with administrator access may have more of these options available to them.

The Getting Started Column

On the left side of the page, there are two lists to help you locate and access relevant information and assets.

Popular Resources – Includes links to educational and support resources.
Recently Viewed Items – Includes links to up to 10 recently viewed repository items, such as reports, Ad Hoc views, dashboards, and the like.

Menu Items

The menu items along the top of the Getting Started page are available from every page on JasperReports Server. and the Library, View, Manage, and Create menus offer the options described in the table below.



Returns to the Getting Started page.


Displays a pared-down repository page that contains the Ad Hoc views, reports, and dashboards the currently logged-in user has rights to


Search Results – Displays the repository of resources filtered by criteria selected in the Filters panel.
Repository – Displays the repository of files and folders containing resources, such as reports, report output, data sources, and images.
Messages – Lists system messages, such as an error in a scheduled report.
UI Samples – Presents galleries of UI components that you redesign using Themes. Available only to administrators.


Organizations – Opens the Manage Organizations page.
Users – Opens the Manage Users page.
Roles – Opens the Manage Roles page.
Server Settings – Opens the Server Settings | Log Settings page.


Ad Hoc View – Launches the Ad Hoc Editor for designing views interactively.
Dashboard – Launches the Dashboard Designer for laying out multiple reports with input controls, labels, and images.
Domain – Launches the Domain Designer for setting up a Domain.

If you log in as an administrator, the Home page has additional options and menu items for managing users, roles, organizations, and settings, such as repository folder names. Administrator functions are documented in the JasperReports Server Administrator Guide. The links to the Online Help, Log Out, and a search field appear on all JasperReports Server pages. For more information about searching, see Filtering Search Results.