Other Resources

The following sections list other sources of documentation and information to help you work with JasperReports Server.


This guide references other JasperReports Server documentation available at http://community.jaspersoft.com.

The standard documentation is also found in the <js-install>/docs directory when you install JasperReports Server:

JasperReports Server Installation Guide
JasperReports Server User Guide
Jaspersoft OLAP User Guide
JasperReports Server Administrator Guide
JasperReports Server Web Services Guide

The following document is found in the source code distribution package:

JasperReports Server Source Build Guide

Premium guides can be downloaded from the community site:

Jaspersoft OLAP Ultimate Guide
JasperReports Library Ultimate Guide
iReport Ultimate Guide
JasperReports Server External Authentication Cookbook

Jaspersoft Community Site

The Jaspersoft community site at http://community.jaspersoft.com is the place to do everything Jaspersoft. Whether you are a developer using our community edition tools or a Product Manager guiding the integration of BI into your solutions using our commercial products, this site provides you with the information and resources you need to be successful. The community site offers answers, documentation, wiki articles, and tracker items for all products. This is the resource for all of our community members regardless of the edition you use, the goals you’ve set, or your role in your organization.

If you would like the assistance of Jaspersoft’s Professional Services team, see: