Jaspersoft Cassandra Connector

Important Update: This Wiki page support an older connector (v0.5.1). For the latest connector information please go here.

The Jaspersoft Cassandra Connector works with iReport, JasperReports, and JasperReports Server. There are separate pages explaining how to configure iReport and JasperReports Server.

Target Audience

Users who want to integrate Jaspersoft's JasperReports Server with Cassandra. This document assumes that the user already has familiarity with Cassandra and already has data in a Cassandra database.


JasperReports Server does not ship with built-in connectors to Cassandra. These resources are provided here on in order to enable JasperReports Server to access Cassandra data. They are currently in a pre-release format. They are therefore not yet supported by Jaspersoft Technical Support.

The source is available for download for anyone that wants to modify or to view it. The connector is released under the AGPL license.

Using the Cassandra connector

Obtain and unzip Cassandra Connector for Jaspersoft

Download it from the project /project/cassandra-connector/releases. The following files are included:

WEB-INF/applicationContext-CassandraDataSource45.xml (DO NOT put this file into a JRS 4.7 instance)

Deploy the Cassandra plugin to iReport

: See Cassandra in iReport for details.

Create a report

: See Cassandra in iReport for details.

Deploy the query executer to JasperReports Server

: See Cassandra in JasperReports Server for details.

Deploy the report to JasperReports Server

: See Cassandra in JasperReports Server for details.

Run the report

: Search for the report or browse to the report in the JasperReports Server repository.