need help find css responsible for iPad



We are using jasper server 4.5. I have made a change some of images in our theme such as logo, front images etc. Everything works fine in all browser but When open at Apple iPad safari, after login, home and View menu overlaps with the logo. This is probably because our logo is little bit bigger size length as well as width than jasper logo.

default theme works fine in iPad. Home and view menu just appear at the same alignment of the jasper logo. Blue menu bar does not appear in for iPad.


I think If I am able to put the repository section a little bit down would solve my problem. I would really be grateful if someone can help me know which css is responsible for this.





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1 Answer:


I think you need to create a second, smaller logo with dimensions 120 x 20 and upload it to your theme as logo_small.png.

In 4.5, there are two logo image files used in the default Theme: logo.png and logo_small.png. logo_small.png is used specifically for iPad 2.


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