Jasper Reports vs Jasper iReport


Jasper Reports vs Jasper iReport


I am very new to Jaspersoft and trying to evaluate Jasper Soft BI Suite for a client.

I need to know what is the the difference between Jasper Report and Jasper iReport tool.

Are these two different tool that come packaged in Jasper BI Suite or they are the same?

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1 Answer:


JasperReports is a reporting library. You need to have an application around it to run. JasperReports uses a template file (JRXML) that defines the report layout.


JasperServer is a web application that has JasperReports in it to run reports, display their output, schedule them etc.


iReport is a visual designer for JasperReports. It creates and edits JRXML files, and allows you to run reports on your desktop. There is am extension that allows you to connect to JasperServer, deploy your reports and test your reports running on the server.





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