iReport with ASP.Net

Hi I want to use ireport with and sql server 2005 but ı cannot find any information about ireport compatible with and sql server 2005 express edition or not. Can anybody help me... Thanks...
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Hi, This is impossible, at least as far as I can tell. Thanks, Teodor
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Hi ozsoy! 1.) The easiest solution would be let JasperReports run in a seperate Java process and communicate with it using Corba. You could easily let you generate the HTML-Report on the Java-Side, send it to your frontend and then send it to the client. Jasperreports itself does not care about the SQL-Server used, as long as it provides good JDBC drivers. 2.) A little bit more tricky would be to use IKVM to run JasperReports inside of your .NET process, but I gues sthis would require a lot of tinkering. 3.) Switch to Java. In my opinion the best solution :) lg Clemens
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