You can log Ideas for Jaspersoft products in the Jaspersoft Ideas Portal


The Jaspersoft Ideas Portal lets you

  • Explore existing ideas for the product
  • Share your enhancement requests with the Jaspersoft team
  • Interact with the team 
  • Track the status of your requests

Using the Portal

On navigating to the Ideas portal, you will see a list of ideas logged by customers as well as internal team members. You can scroll through the list to get an idea of what enhancements are being requested by others. If you feel any idea is useful to you, you can vote for the idea by clicking on the button highlighted below.

Adding an Idea

Clicking on the “Add a New Idea” button (highlighted below) will take you to a form in which you can enter an idea for a new feature or enhancement.

Fields to Enter

Note: As a TIBCO user, Do NOT enter Customer Names in any of the fields while creating a new Idea. 

  • Your Idea:

    This is a required field. You will need to enter a short summary of your idea.

  • Category:

    This is a required field. This refers to the product which the Idea refers to. For example, JasperReports Server, Jaspersoft Studio.

  • Components:

    This is a required field. This refers to the component which the Idea refers to. For example, AdHoc, Domains, Report Viewer.

  • Please add more details: 

    This is a short description of the idea, please add as much detail as you think will be useful to the team reading this. You can also attach files.

  • I need this:

    This is the priority field, it denotes how urgently you want your request to be implemented.

    Disclaimer: Though TIBCO Support strives to fulfill your needs, the actual timelines involved in processing the request might vary based on the complexity and feasibility. 

  • Tell us who you are:

    We require an official or personal email address so that we contact you if necessary.

    Disclaimer: To respond to your request, TIBCO Software Inc. and TIBCO affiliates (collectively "TIBCO") need to collect your email ID. By providing this information, you are consenting to TIBCO processing this data and contacting you by email with the response related to your specific request.

Similar Ideas

If you enter an idea and a similar one already exists, you will see a suggestion to vote for the existing idea. If you feel the existing idea matches your request, you can click on the idea and vote for it. You can also add additional information to the existing idea by commenting on it. 

Existing Enhancement Requests in Jira

Existing Enhancement Requests (ER) that have been logged in Jira will be moved Aha. The Product team will scrub existing ERs to ensure that there are no Customer details. Once that is completed, the existing ERs will be available as Ideas in the Ideas portal. Like all other Ideas, they will be visible to Ideas portal users and will be up for voting.

Tracking an Idea

Once you have entered your idea, or found an idea you want to vote for, you will be able to view it in the portal. You can view how many votes it has received, the comments by the team or by other customers, and the implementation status of the idea. You can subscribe to any idea in the portal to receive email updates if there is any additional information or status update.