Why don't I see Asian characters (CKJ) in the generated PDF file?

In order to solve these problems, you'll have to do some initializing work.

  1. When exporting reports to PDF format, JasperReports uses the iText library. If iText has to deal with CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) fonts, it requires 2 extra libraries: iTextAsian.jar and iTextAsianCmaps.jar. Add these jars in the classpath of your application.
  2. In order to be able to read the text generated with iText using CJK fonts, you will also need to download and install the special Acrobat Reader Asian font pack (if you don't, it's possible that your Reader will still ask you to install it while opening a PDF file containing CJK fonts).

    A good point to start this operation would be here.

  3. Then, in your report set the pdfFontName attribute with an appropriate font name existing in the Adobe Reader font pack (for example, pdfFontName="STSong-Light"). Set the pdfEncoding with an appropriate encoding for that charset (i.e. pdfEncoding="UniGB-UCS2-H"). Set isPdfEmbedded to "false".
  4. If you need to export your report to other formats, set the fontName attribute with an appropriate true type font name installed on your OS, or use the FONT_MAP export parameter.