Where To Find TIBCO JasperReports® Server Release Version Information

When filing a support case, it is imperative to provide accurate information about your environment to help support investigate the issue, find its cause, and provide a resolution.

One important part of the information is the release version of the TIBCO JasperReports® Server product that a user is experiencing problem with.

This information can be obtained by going to JasperReports Server web UI page and clicking on the "About JasperReports Server" label at the lower left corner of the web UI.

A popup window will appear in the browser with JasperReports Server release information including the release version number that this JasperReports Server instance is running.

Often users will get a customized web UI where the above information is not available. In that case, user will need to get access to the hosting server (or ask your server admin for help) to locate jasperserver-pro.properties file under {deployed-jasperserver-pro}\WEB-INF\internal directory. In this file, the JS_VERSION property setting will tell you the version of the JasperReports Server product this web application instance is running under. For example: