What To Do When Admin User Unable to Login To JasperReports Server With Forgotten Password

As a system administrator, if this user forgets the password (or for whatever reason the password is “no longer working”), user can reset the password by directly accessing the repository “profile” database and update the user password stored in jiuser table. The following steps show how this is done with default Windows installation using Postgres to host jasperserver database.

Make sure Postgres database is up and running. At the command line, enter the following to log into Postgres database:

cd <js-install>\postgresql\bin
psql -U postgres -W

password is postgres

Now you should see at the prompt:


Enter the following commend to connect to jasperserver database in Postgres:

\c jasperserver;

password again is postgress

Now you will see at the prompt:


Enter the following SQL query to review user record that you are about to reset the password:

SELECT * FROM jiuser WHERE username = 'superuser';

You will see one row is being displayed.

Now enter the following query to reset this user’s password to none. Since user password by default is encrypted, unless you know the encrypted character string, we recommend to set password to ‘’ (none):

UPDATE jiuser SET password = '' WHERE username = 'superuser';

You should see the following message:


Now you can log out from Postgres:


And login to JasperReports Server using the user without a password. After logging into JasperReports Server web UI, make sure to set the password for the user through Manage – User web UI.