Visualize.js - Getting Started

What is Visualize.js?

Visualize.js is a JavaScript API framework used to embed JasperReport Server reports & visualizations inside web applications. It comes bundled with the commercial editions of TIBCO JasperReports® Server, specifically Jaspersoft AWS, Enterprise or Professional. Visualize.js currently does not support JasperReports Server Community Edition or the TIBCO JasperReports® Library. With Visualize.js, developers can embed interactive HTML5 visualizations, dashboards or multi-element reports using standard JavaScript. Developers can quickly and easily call backend JasperReports Server services using REST calls for common functions such as user authentication, data connectivity, repository services and more.

Quick Start

  1. Download the commercial edition of JasperReports Server here:

  2. Use the installation and configuration instructions here:

  3. Watch the tutorials for step-by-step instruction: /wiki/visualizejs-tutorials

  4. Once you have JasperReports Server installed, view and interact with samples using jsfiddles

  5. View the TIBCO JasperReports Server Visualize.js Guide in the documentation

Introduction to Visualize.js

This video provides an overview and demonstration of Visualize.js


Embedding Basics

Embedding Simple Reports & Visualizations

Embedding with Parameters

Drive input controls through the API


Embedding Repository

Embedding a visualization and report repository


Dashboards now support image and text dashlets and streamlined parameter handling. Responsive text and images elements allow sizing text regardless of dashlet size. To enable Dashboard export, configure phantomjs.