Unable To Use Space In JDBC Connection URL In The Latest Version Of JasperReports Server Web UI

Our user has a requirement to connect to a LDAP DB using Oracle JDBC connection

therefore the access URL is:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@ldap://{domain}:{port}/{daname},CN=OracleContext,dc={dc1},dc={dc2} ldap://{domain}:{port}/{daname},CN=OracleContext,dc={dc1},dc={dc2}

Notice the connection URL has a space in it. While this was working in TIBCO JasperReports® Server 5.x, now user is getting an error when editing it in latest version of JasperReports® Server (6.4.3 or 7.1.0) data source web UI.

We have already filed a report to address this feature regression issue (internal reference number is JS-34023). For the mean time (until the fix is made), users will need to work around this limitation by modifying the connection URL information that is stored in jijdbcsource table column connectionurl. Users can:

  • use a SQL update query to make the change;

  • use js-export to get this data connection resource, modify exported resource content, then use js-import (with --update option) to load the modified connection content back to the profile database;

Alternately, users can use JNDI or profile attribute approach where connection URL is not edited in JasperReports Server web UI to circumvent this limitation.