TIBCO JasperReports® Server and TIBCO Jaspersoft® OLAP License

Our aim at TIBCO Jaspersoft® is to maintain the free nature of open source to end users, while establishing commercial relationships with vendors who are leveraging our code for their benefit. Jaspersoft offers many open source products which are under the guidance of either the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPLv2.1) license. Our goal is to provide guidance on the usage of each product while maintaining compliance with the appropriate license.

TIBCO JasperReports® Server and TIBCO Jaspersoft® OLAP Community Editions are governed by the GNU Affero GPL. It is very important to you and your organization to understand the terms of use of TIBCO JasperReports Server and TIBCO Jaspersoft OLAP in the context of the GNU Affero GPL.

If you plan on distributing (i.e., allowing the public to download or access over the internet) a software application or web site containing or using TIBCO JasperReports Server and TIBCO Jaspersoft OLAP, please note that your application/web site becomes subject to the GNU Affero GPL conditions. As a result, you are required to make the source code of your application/web site and any customized code freely and publically available to all people and organizations.

If you do not wish to make your source code freely available, TIBCO Jaspersoft offers a commercial subscription that allows you to maintain the proprietary nature of your application and custom code and not be obligated to disclose it to others. Commercial subscriptions also includes support, indemnification, training, documentation, extended features and more. We are open to partnering and have a successful world-wide partner program providing such benefits as mutual lead generation.

If you or your organization has a policy against using software governed by the LGPL or GNU Affero GPL, a commercial subscription may also be of interest to you.

See TIBCO Jaspersoft Product Overview for more details.