Jaspersoft would like to acknowledge the following sponsors of our open source projects. Their contributions to our open source projects and community eco-system enable us to better provide our open source BI options to our developer community:

Sponsor   Description


  JFrog, through Artifactory, hosts Open Source projects and provides their users and committers with a binary repository manager in the cloud, as a platform for publishing and delivering their release artifacts. See the Jaspersoft Binary repository at http://jaspersoft.artifactoryonline.com.
SourceForge   SourceForge is dedicated to making Open Source projects successful. SourceForge thrives on community collaboration to help create the leading resource for open source software development and distribution. With the tools SourceForge provides, 3.4 million developers create powerful software in over 324,000 projects. Their popular directory connects more than 46 million consumers with these open source projects and serves more than 4,000,000 downloads a day. SourceForge is where open source happens.