Planet Jaspersoft Help Guide

Planet Jaspersoft

Planet Jaspersoft provides a view into what our community is doing with and for Jaspersoft Products. If you work with Jaspersoft and have a blog and/or videos to share showcasing what you did and how you did it using Jaspersoft, we welcome you to add your blog or YouTube feed to Planet Jaspersoft.

We hope that this serves as a resource from which you learn from other Community members, partners, and Jaspersoft. 

Guidelines for participating in Planet Jaspersoft

Planet Jaspersoft is for the professional use of folks that work with Jaspersoft products. All Planet Jaspersoft content should directly relate to that activity. Advertising products or services and issuing press releases, etc is not permitted. However, we are happy to help promote you and your blog through the sharing of your accomplishments and instructive information on how you achieved them. To ensure that you comply, we strongly suggest that you establish your feed with an explicit 'Jaspersoft' tag. Most blogging software supports this.

At present, English is the primary language of this website and the only language supported by Planet Jaspersoft. Additional languages may be supported at a later date.

All feeds submitted and carried on Planet Jaspersoft must be owned by an individual Jaspersoft community member. That member is responsible for all items posted through that feed. Corporate blogs are permitted and are restricted by the same rules that govern individuals blogs.

Jaspersoft community members who participate in Planet Jaspersoft should not publish company confidential information on Planet Jaspersoft, or anywhere on the Jaspersoft community website. Jaspersoft community administrators make every effort to ensure that confidential or copyrighted information and other inappropriate material are not posted to any part of this website. We consider all requests to remove content, but we cannot guarantee that any particular content will be removed as the result of a request to do so.

Contact us with any concerns at

When we remove content, we will communicate with the poster and explain why we removed it, but we reserve the right to remove any content without prior notice when we believe it contains confidential information or violates any part of this notice or other policy statements we have made public.

Adding Your Blog

We strongly advise that you use tags to mark the blog items you forward to Planet Jaspersoft. This helps you target your Jaspersoft-related posts for inclusion.

Constructing Your Feed URL

The key issue is the proper construction of the URL that allows Planet Jaspersoft to access your feed.

Blogger and Blogspot

In Google's blogging system the feed URL for the specific label, Jaspersoft, is:


On the site the feed URL for the specific label, Jaspersoft, is:


Find help with Wordpress feeds at:

For other versions of Wordpress that you may have running through various ISP's, the above URL format may work. If not, check the version and follow the Wordpress link for more information.

YouTube Playlists

The URL for the a playlist feed is:<playlist_id>

The last piece of the URL, <playlist_id>, is the Playlist identifier. This identifier appears in various places, such as in the Sharing feature for embedding the Playlist in an HTML page. It's a lengthy string of characters that probably begins with the letters PL.

Note that the domain part of the URL begins with the subdomain, gdata, rather than www.

Other Feeds

Other feeds should work with basic RSS-style URL's. Check the particular documentation for the website. Leave a comment below and, if there is enough interest, we'll publish instructions for it.

Registering Your Feed with Planet Jaspersoft

You need to be a registered member of the Jaspersoft community to create a Planet Jaspersoft feed. Once you've registered and logged in, find your username in the upper-right corner of most pages on the site:

Click on your username to view your user profile. On the grey bar on the top of the page is a tab for Planet Feeds:

{click for a larger view)

Click on Planet Feeds to view a page on which you manage existing feeds or create new ones. The example below creates a new feed:

{click for a larger view)

Text boxes appear for your feed's URL and a Feed Title. The Feed Title helps identify the feed if anyone has questions about it.

Remember that the URL must include the correct nomenclature—http://whatever/whatever/

{click for a larger view)

After saving, the feed may be labeled as 'pending approval'.

If you've created other feeds, the new one may be automatically approved. Eventually it should be marked 'approved' or  'declined'.

{click for a larger view)

Expect the feed to be activated overnight, though it may happen in only an hour or two. If you have any problems, you can use the two links at the right to edit or delete your feed.


That should do it!  Welcome to Planet Jaspersoft!